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Net-Tell LLC Phone Service Fits Any Budget

May 25, 2017

The fact that Net-Tell LLC offers superior telephone service is only a secret to those who have never been customers. Those who have been customers of Net-Tell know that it is one of the best phone companies around and chock full of great features that make it the best, even though they do so at a price that fits nearly any budget. The cost of their service is so low that most local phone companies can’t beat them. For most customers, the savings are in the hundreds of dollars every year.

Net-Tell LLC is able to save their customers a lot of money because their phone service routes its calls over the Internet and not over very expensive hard phone lines. Commonly referred to as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), by plugging a phone into a box that uses an existing broadband connection, Net-Tell LLC is able provide great service at a fraction of the cost of local phone companies. There is no difference in call quality when using a Net-Tell LLC phone plan and customers use the same landline phone they used before. They dial phone numbers as they always have or they programs numbers into their phone as they did before and they call friends, family and business associates or customers as they always have. The only real difference will come when they get the bill, which is likely to be lower every month.

Net-Tell LLC phone plans save most of their phone customers lots of money, but they offer a lot of features that add even greater value to inexpensive phone service. Those features include a great many free features that local phone companies often charge extra for, such as Caller ID, anonymous call blocking, three-way calling, conference calling and many more, as well as the finest, most advanced voicemail service available. Net-Tell LLC offers the best value.